I love a good beauty or fashion hack so when I got the opportunity to try out this nifty little product, I couldn’t pass it up!

Today’s post is all about a product called Blister Balm. You can see their website right here.

Blister Balm is a preventative measure and convenient solution to shoe chaffing. It is made from all natural ingredients, which I love, and is an Australian company. Some of the ingredients include bees wax, mango butter and isopropyl myristate.

It is shaped like a lip balm and should be applied to areas of the feet as soon as or prior to skin sensitivity occurring from chafing with shoes.

I love how easy this product is to use and how convenient it is to carry around with you! I am constantly having trouble with my shoes rubbing and causing blisters so it’s great to have a product like this on hand.

The product is not sticky or greasy when applied to your feet which is something I was concerned about. I also wasn’t sure how the product would actually prevent blisters but I was looking forward to testing it out!

I used this on my heels and toe area area before wearing a pair of shoes that I knew rubbed and had the tendency to cause blisters.

I am happy to say that I wore them almost all day walking around in the city and didn’t experience any discomfort! I also didn’t develop any blisters from the day.

If this is something you struggle then I highly suggest checking this product out as I think it is one of the best hacks I have discovered!

Have you ever tried a product like this? Let me know down below!


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